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How to find Tropical World

Tropical World is at​
Princes Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 2ER
Tel: 0113 535 2132

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Adults £8.40
Children 3 to 15 £4.20
Under 3s Free
LeedsCard £6.80
LeedsCard Extra £5.20
Max Card One carer goes free with a full paying child
Carer One carer goes free with relevant ID*
(*See 'Access arrangements' tile on this page for ID information)

Opening times

10am to 6pm every day


Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day


Free parking is available close by and just a short walk to Tropical World.

Disabled parking is available on Princes Avenue just outside the entrance to Tropical World.


Numbers 2 and 12 stop right outside the door.

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Access arrangements

Our current policy allows free admission for carers on a 1:1 basis. Should there be a requirement for more than one carer these will be charged standard admission fees. To obtain free entry to Tropical World, carers must provide at least one form of the following identification:

  • ID from care home or employer
  • Care allowance claim letter or DWP/DLA/PIP letter that states you are in receipt of a carer's allowance
  • Metro bus pass for disabled which states 'Plus One’

You must visit with the person you care for, to gain free carers admission.

Mobility scooters are available to hire for use at Tropical World and Roundhay Park. Please call before your visit to arrange this.

If you have any additional access requirements please phone us on 0113 535 2132 at least half an hour before you plan to visit to discuss them.

Visiting guidelines

Please respect other visitors and our staff, and where possible maintain a safe distance and where applicable follow the one-way route.

Avoid touching enclosures and tanks, and please use our hand wash and sanitation stations available throughout the attraction.

Our friendly staff are here to help, if you do have any questions please ask them for advice and assistance.

Toilet facilities are available in the cafe and shop. Please note, we do not currently have access to a changing places toilet facility.

Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs (including assistance dogs) into Tropical World due to the free flight birds, animal welfare and the risks this poses.

Changes to the Collection

Both our bat species the Seba’s Short-Tailed Bats and Egyptian Fruit Bats were moved to Lotherton Wildlife World in November 2020. They have been housed in their purpose built nocturnal facilities.

Look out for holes in the leaves throughout the attraction, where a small Owl Butterfly population has continued to breed and watch out for the caterpillars in the Butterfly House. Our butterflies also can be spotted at the feeding stations amongst the vegetation.

Directions around Tropical World

After passing the admission desks, you enter the first section of the zoo and there are some vivariums on your left. Take a look at the animals then pass through the vertical flaps and bear to your left. Follow the meandering wooden walkway through the Butterfly House.

After exiting the Butterfly House, turn left and walk through a small part of our Aquarium. You’ll return here later, so follow the path as it bears to the left and into the Waterfall House.

The path gradually inclines towards and around the back of the waterfall. Keep following the path around to the left as it levels off for the final part of this zone.

Straight ahead of you is Creature Corner. Keep following the path straight on before it turns to the left and doubles back on itself. Then turn right and follow the path towards the next zone.

You will now enter the Rainforest Canopy. Turn left and follow the path for a short distance. When you see the bridge on your right cross over it and keep following the path as it bends to the right and then left.

The next zone is the Desert House. Turn right as you enter, then the path runs around the edge of the meerkat enclosure and gradually declines in a spiral to the left.

At the bottom of the path is the Creature Cavern. Take care in the low light levels as you follow the path as it bends several times.

As you exit Creature Cavern, keep walking straight ahead and it will take you into the Information and Exhibition Space. The path gradually declines.

At the end of here, you enter the Aquarium again. There is a large tank on your right, then turn around to explore the rest of the Aquarium. On the left are further tanks in a rectangle section, then continue along the path with a couple more vivariums on your left.

At the end of this path, turn right and you will enter the Butterfly House again. The path bears to the left and keep following it until you reach the exit on your left.

plan your visit

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