Tropical World Cafe

Cafe opening hours

10am to 5pm every day.

Hot food is served up until 4pm each day.

Please note that toasted snacks are not served after midday.

Please do not consume your own food.

Cafe menu

Cafe menu
Gluten free and vegan bread is available, ask the team.
Morning snacks
Served until midday
Toasted white bloomer/wholemeal bread
Served with butter and strawberry jam (v)
Two rounds of toast above£3.15
Toasted teacake served with butter (v)£2.00
Two toasted crumpets served with butter (v)£2.00
Sausage sandwich - served on a bread bun£3.95
Bacon sandwich - served on a bread bun£3.95
Breakfast deal: sausage or bacon sandwich - served in a bread bun with tea/coffee£5.15
Danish pastries (see morning display in cafe) £2.30
Bagel with butter or cinnamon butter£2.65
Bacon and cheese croissant or bagel£4.95
Soup of the day
Served with wedge of malted wheat bread£4.15
Jacket potatoes
Served with a salad garnish
Plain potato (v) (ve)£4.15
Cheddar cheese (v)£5.15
Baked beans (v)£5.15
Tuna mayonnaise£5.75
Ham and cream cheese£6.45
Three bean chilli (v) (ve)£6.45
Add an extra filling£1.05
Cold dishes and salads
Served with a salad garnish
Cheddar cheese (v)
Tuna mayonnaise
Ham and cheese
Onion bhaji wrap with mint yoghurt (v)
Chicken tikka wrap with yoghurt
Ham and cream cheese wrap
Pasta mixed salad (v)
Toasted sandwiches
Ham toasty£4.45
Cheddar cheese toasty (v)£4.45
Ham and cheddar cheese toasty£4.95
Add tomato or onion£0.40
Make it a meal with chips£6.65
Served with a salad garnish
BBQ chicken and cheese£5.95
Mozzarella and pepperoni£5.70
Tuna melt with mayonnaise£5.70
Sun dried tomato mozzarella/green pesto (v)
Make it a meal with chips
Hot snacks
Chicken goujons burger with chips£6.25
Fish finger sandwich with salad leaf£5.95
Served in bread bun with tartar sauce
BLT baguette£5.95
Served with leaf garnish, tomato and mayonnaise
Chip butty£3.95
Sausage sandwich£3.95
Chips (v) (ve)£2.75
Chips and beans (v)£3.80
Cheesy chips (v)£3.85
Three bean chilli and chips£5.95
Children's menu 
Young Explorers breakfast 
Slice of toast and sticky jam (v)£0.85
Grumpy crumpet (one) (v)£1.00
Explorers morning deal: one of the above with a glass of milk£1.55
Children's Lunch Box 
Cheddar cheese, ham or tuna sandwich,
juice carton and a choice of two items - crisps, yoghurt, fruit or carrot and cucumber sticks£4.85
All items listed in the lunch box can be purchased separately

Young Explorers lunches
All children's meals come with a drink
Ham toasty£4.85
Cheddar cheese toasty (v)£4.85
Add tomato or onion £0.30
Silly sausage with either bouncy beans, greedy peas or a healthy side garnish£4.95
Fish fingers with either bouncy beans, greedy peas or a healthy side garnish£4.95
Popcorn chicken with either bouncy beans, greedy peas or a healthy side garnish£5.25
All above served with cheeky chips
Half jacket potato with cheddar cheese, beans or tuna£4.85
Cake and tray bakes
See displayed allergens

Butterfly bun, Cornflake bun, Smarties bun£1.90
Rocky road£2.60
Tiffin cake£2.60
Millionaire shortbread£2.60
Carrot cake (gf) £3.40
Homemade fruit scone and jam£2.35
Homemade fruit scone served with clotted cream and jam£3.55
Tropical World deal 1

A choice of any breaded sandwich from our cold display unit
Homemade fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam
Served with tea or coffee
Tropical World deal 2

A choice of any sandwich priced over £3.25
Bottled soft drink and Walker's crisps
Tropical World deal 3

Any hot drink with a slice of tray bake (see display unit in cafe)
Any customer who has a food allergy please ask a member of staff for information.

(v) suitable for vegetarians
(ve) suitable for vegans
(gf) gluten free
(h) Halal - ask a team member


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