Here at Tropical World, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to protect vulnerable species and habitats, both locally and across the world.

We want to do our part by contributing to conservation projects which make a positive difference.

Wildflower meadows

Two areas in Roundhay Park are to be restored as native wildflower meadows. The aim is to increase the habitat for native butterfly species within the park by protecting Wild Spaces. Leeds City Council, Tropical World staff and local volunteers are currently developing these areas.

Small copper butterfly landing on some flowers

Wild Spaces

A Wild Space is one where butterflies and moths can complete their lifecycles. The area needs to enable them to feed, breed and shelter. There is no defined size, so long as the requirements are met - it is a Wild Space.

Find more information on the Butterfly Conservation website external link.

This project is run by Tropical World and Roundhay Park estate, in partnership with Butterfly Conservation.

Conservation Charity Nature's SAFE

Tropical World is proud to partner alongside the International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG) with Nature's Save Animals From Extinction (SAFE) conservation programme. One of the world's first living biobanks, they are on a mission to 'Save animals from extinction'.

As animal populations decline, a point is reached when the genetic diversity essential for species survival is lost. As the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Biobank's UK-based cryopreservation partner, Nature's SAFE works with zoos and wildlife rescue centres to secure the future of animal biodiversity. They do this by storing cells and tissues from threatened wildlife species using advanced cryopreservation technologies, free of charge.

Through developing next-generation genetic rescue approaches to restore diversity to threatened populations, Nature's SAFE acts an insurance policy to prevent extinction.

Nature's Save Animals From Extinction text and logo of Rhino head, sperm and ice


BIAZA member zoos and aquariums don't just care for and conserve exotic species.

Members host a vast array of native species living wild on their diverse sites and are collaborating with campaigns to identify species and share valuable data.

Tropical World staff take part in nature walks, education workshops and butterfly meadow transect surveys, as a part of our contributions to iNaturalist external link and BIAZA’s Spotted on Site campaign external link.

Nature's Save Animals From Extinction text and logo of Rhino head, sperm and ice