Here at Tropical World, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to protect vulnerable species and habitats, both locally and across the world.

We want to do our part by contributing to conservation projects which make a positive difference.

Wildflower meadows

Two areas in Roundhay Park are to be restored as native wildflower meadows. The aim is to increase the habitat for native butterfly species within the park by protecting Wild Spaces. Leeds City Council, Tropical World staff and local volunteers are currently developing these areas.

Small copper butterfly landing on some flowers

Wild Spaces

A Wild Space is one where butterflies and moths can complete their lifecycles. The area needs to enable them to feed, breed and shelter. There is no defined size, so long as the requirements are met - it is a Wild Space.

Find more information on the Butterfly Conservation website external link.

This project is run by Tropical World and Roundhay Park estate, in partnership with Butterfly Conservation.