Enhance your topics by exploring our different themed zones and learning about our incredible animals, how they’re adapted to their habitats and the threats which are effecting their populations in the wild. A visit will inspire and reinforce learning across much of the National Curriculum, from EYFS to Key Stage 4 and beyond.

Self-guided visits

Fascinating self-guided tours of Tropical World are available all year round and are free for Leeds Authority Schools.

Please note the charges for non-Leeds Authority Schools. 

If you would like to book then please email us with your preferred date(s). We will then send you information on how to book or offer you alternative dates if your first choice of date is unavailable. Please book early to avoid disappointment! 

Once you have entered Tropical World with your group at your booked time slot, you are welcome to explore the site at your own pace. This is ideal for tailoring your visit to suit the needs of your group and the topics you are studying at school. Our collection lends itself well to topics such as rainforests, habitats, adaptations and classification. Each zone and animal enclosure has interpretation signs providing you varying depths of information.

How to book

Please contact our education team on:


We also have 6 fantastic half-day workshops for you to choose from. Each links to the science curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2 with elements of geography, English and other subjects too. 

The workshops we offer are:


Children learn about the animals, plants and resources of the rainforest and compare these to a native forest. This session includes activities in our native woodland where children use scientific skills to age trees and hunt for native wildlife.


Children explore how animals are suited to their environment by looking at habitats such as rainforest, desert and native woodland. In our native woodland children will use scientific skills to discover what makes up this habitat and which animals live there.

Eat or be eaten

Children investigate what makes a suitable diet for some of the animals at Tropical World by comparing adaptations between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Children will also explore and investigate food chains. This workshop will mostly take place indoors.

Variety of life

Children turn into mini zoologists in this session as they learn how to group animals according to their characteristics. Emphasis will be on the five main vertebrate groups but we will also discuss invertebrates. This workshop will mostly take place indoors.

Emperor tamarin

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

A workshop specifically for our younger visitors aged 4 to 5. Children will find out about different habitats and take part in hands-on activities, animal movements and songs. This workshop mostly takes place indoors and can also be booked for Year 1.

Butterfly Scientist

Children develop their knowledge about butterflies, moths, their life cycle and get crafty with some artwork. Key Stage 2 will also focus on adaptations and evolution. In the warmer months when butterflies are active, they will work scientifically to explore their natural habitats in our nearby park and wildflower meadow and use keys or spotter sheets to help identify them.

These interactive, hands-on workshops are led by our zoo education team and are designed to complement your self-led tour around Tropical World. All equipment is provided. We recommend booking a morning tour around Tropical World with an afternoon workshop, or vice versa. 

Workshops are available

Monday to Friday throughout the school year.

Many activities take place outside in Roundhay Park but sessions can also be run indoors during the colder months and in very poor weather.

How to book

Prices: £82 per workshop per class of up to 32 pupils. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Please contact our education team on:


If you are a secondary, further or higher education group, we may be able to offer a bespoke talk for you. Ones delivered previously include Zoo and Conservation Careers, Zoo Interpretation and Talks, Tropical World as a Business. Please contact us to discuss details and prices.

Schools Visits to Tropical World Leeds

School visit costs

  • Leeds Authority Schools (not Academies)​Free
  • Children aged 3-15 years (from non-Leeds Authority Schools and Academies)£4.20
  • Students aged 16+ £8.40
  • Supervising adults (all schools)*Free
  • Additional adults (all schools)£8.40
  • Half day education workshop for class of up to 32 pupils (all schools)£82 per class
  • *One adult per 6 pupils. This applies to all schools.

Please note that the entrance costs may change between now and the time of your visit, so make sure you check final costs before you set off!

How to pay

Payment is made on the day at Tropical World by cash, cheque or credit card. Cheques should be made payable to Leeds City Council.

Please ensure you obtain your receipt upon making payment as these cannot be obtained after your visit.

Admission prices are VAT exempt.

Unfortunately we are not able to invoice you for your payment.

Roundhay Park map

Don't get lost! View, download or print the Roundhay Park map and carry on exploring Tropical World Leeds.

Online workshops

We’ve taken our workshops online!

Join our zoo education team for a virtual workshop delivered directly to your classroom. We have a choice of four workshops to suit a variety of topics from the National Curriculum:

Eat or be eaten

Find out about the different types of things that animals eat. Herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, predators, prey, producers and food chains are all covered in this workshop, using examples of animals from each.


Discover more about rainforests, deserts and aquatic habitats – the three main habitats at Tropical World: their features, the animals which could be found there, threats they are facing and how we can help.


An exploration of rainforests: their locations across the world, the layers of the rainforest, the animals which could be found there, products which we get from the rainforest, threats they are facing and how we can help.

Variety of Life

An introduction to classification, looking at the features of the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates we have in our collection.


Our workshops last for 45 minutes and cost £45. Workshops are available Monday to Friday.

Please email to request an education pack, our virtual workshops teacher guide for more information, or to check current availability and book!



Things to take into consideration when visiting Tropical WorldThings to take into consideration when visiting Tropical World<div class="ExternalClassA73ED314C5164062A3022B1A0B78C5C3"><ul><li>it is hot within Tropical World!<br></li><li>Tropical World is always open to the public so there will be other visitors present when you visit</li><li>the welfare of the animals is paramount and we can’t guarantee they’ll always be visible<br></li><li>there may be maintenance or upgrade work happening on site, so some areas may not be accessible<br></li> <li>please don’t feed the animals or bang on the glass<br></li></ul></div>
Where do coaches park?Where do coaches park?<div class="ExternalClass50986036D62C4D06BBDF1E07569B6377"><div><p>Coach parking is at the Tram car park on Princes Avenue, coaches can drop off at Tropical World or the Ann Maguire Education rooms, but must park up within the car park.<br></p></div></div>
Is there anywhere to store bags and coats?Is there anywhere to store bags and coats?<div class="ExternalClassA4B5CC7B40FE420E8772685211FCB1EE"><p>​We do not have facilities to store bags and coats unless you have booked one of the Ann Maguire Education Rooms. Please bear this in mind when planning your visit.</p><p>As Tropical World is hot and humid, it is highly likely your group will want to remove their coats. We advise you leave your bags and coats on the coach, or bring rucksacks in which coats can be carried. Please ensure children bring bags they can comfortably carry for the duration of the visit.<br></p></div>
How long does it take to go round Tropical World?How long does it take to go round Tropical World?<div class="ExternalClass77277432F9E5400AAD85BE3B26D9B39B"><p>There is no time limit on how long your visit takes; typically it is around 1 to 1.5 hrs.<br></p></div>
Can we re-enter Tropical World?Can we re-enter Tropical World?<div class="ExternalClassDAECFE7BD1CF43E4A893DAB5E6D1A15B"><div><p>You can re-enter, but you would have to re-join the queue.<br></p></div></div>
Tropical World Carer PolicyTropical World Carer Policy<div class="ExternalClassA25CAE6C6FCD4148ABF5E7B25ED57CD9"><p>Our current policy allows free admission for carers on a one to one basis. Should there be a requirement for more than one carer these will be charged standard admission fees. Please ensure you bring the relevant ID. You must visit with the person you care for, to gain free carers admission.</p></div>
Is Tropical World fully accessible?Is Tropical World fully accessible?<div class="ExternalClassC79F227599A04139928FC5C50AA3291D"><p>We aim to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. There is level access around the building and paths are wide to accommodate pram and wheelchair access. We also have ramps located to the entrance of the building and exit doors which are power assisted, opening automatically. There are accessible toilets within the building.<br></p></div>
Where are the toilets?Where are the toilets?<div class="ExternalClass542EB5B2ACEC4F15B78BD1DFAEA8D8CF"><p>There are toilets located at the entrance of Tropical World. We ask that you enter them in small groups to allow for consideration to other visitors using them. The set inside the attraction are closed, so please ensure your group has taken advantage of the ones at the entrance.<br></p><p>There are also toilets located in the cafe.<br></p></div>
What are the Ann Maguire Education Rooms?What are the Ann Maguire Education Rooms?<div class="ExternalClass99E675DCB8CE4469BC7EA5D022FD01A7"><p>The Ann Maguire Education rooms are a 5 minute walk from Tropical World at the Mansion in Roundhay Park. They are empty class rooms with toilet facilities where the workshops are based. They are also available for schools to utilise for things such as lunch, storing bags, and carrying out their own educational activities. (Subject to availability.)<br></p></div>
How much does it cost to book an Ann Maguire Education room?How much does it cost to book an Ann Maguire Education room?<div class="ExternalClass1CC6C647B9494B949CB41B4CF6818B9C"><p>The Ann Maguire education rooms are free of charge.<br></p></div>
Where are the Ann Maguire Education rooms located?Where are the Ann Maguire Education rooms located?<div class="ExternalClass071E24756B6244E2B6749AB905C85EC3"><p>They are located about 5 minutes walk from Tropical World at the end of Mansion Lane (which is opposite Tropical World) and are attached to the Mansion building, postcode LS8 2HH.<br></p></div>
How do we access the Ann Maguire Education Rooms?How do we access the Ann Maguire Education Rooms?<div class="ExternalClass4A080E34022C43F6B1499A2FE251EC88"><p>Keys for the Ann Maguire education rooms will need to be collected from Tropical World and returned after your visit.<br></p></div>
Do you offer guided tours?Do you offer guided tours?<div class="ExternalClass8B334CD33D75459CB09F677D8CA4E9A6"><p>We don’t provide guided tours of Tropical World but a link to an education pack and various curriculum linked worksheets will be shared with you in your confirmation email. We also provide educational workshops in Roundhay Park to complement your visit to Tropical World and make links to the curriculum. See the workshops section of this page for more information.</p></div>
Is there anywhere to eat lunch?Is there anywhere to eat lunch?<div class="ExternalClass861DE592637E4806A7194A182AB3C4E2"><p>The Education rooms can be booked for children to have packed lunches. If these rooms are already booked you will need to make your own arrangements for having lunch.</p><p>Apart from the education rooms, there are no indoor facilities available for eating packed lunches at the site. However, there are benches available in the Canal Gardens, behind the entrance to Tropical World that you can use, or you can picnic in the park itself.</p><p>On rainy days you might use one of the bandstands in the park. These are marked on our <strong> <a href="/Documents/Roundhay%20Park%20Map.pdf">map of Roundhay park (PDF 1.7MB)</a></strong>.</p><p>Alternatively, our on-site cafe can provide lunch for your group - you can arrange this in advance by calling the cafe on (0113) 237 0495.</p><p>You are not permitted to eat your own food in the Tropical World cafe and anyone who does so will be asked to leave.</p></div>
What is included in the goody bags?What is included in the goody bags?<div class="ExternalClass30E3797AA3814D40B990C217D54BC592"><p>The goody bags include branded stationery such as rubbers, pencils, etc.<br></p></div>
What happens if the visit has to be cancelled due to COVID-19?What happens if the visit has to be cancelled due to COVID-19?<div class="ExternalClassEFB37F8B488D499F82E0CB6B30CAB0DC"><p>If you are unable to attend due to COVID-19 infections within your school then please contact us as soon as possible to cancel or we can transfer your booking to another date.<br></p></div>
Facilities within Roundhay ParkFacilities within Roundhay Park<div class="ExternalClassB3D6FD3FFA124F31992C493F7A7F7A0C"><ul><li>there is a map available on the Roundhay Park website showing the facilities at the park</li><li>there are 2 playgrounds within the park with the largest being located next to the Tram car park which is about 5 minutes' walk from Tropical World</li><li>public toilets for the park are located next to the Mansion, at the bottom of Mansion Lane<br></li><li>the Little Friends of Roundhay Park have produced trails that you might want to do on your visit - please visit their website for more details</li></ul></div>
Can teachers do a pre visit?Can teachers do a pre visit?<div class="ExternalClass56DB680BA0BD4CA7A9715360BE07E50C"><p>Teachers can attend Tropical World to do pre-visit risk assessments free of charge. Please email us with your preferred date and time and we will book you in.<br></p></div>
Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment<div class="ExternalClass357C616CBB4F461CABA392150C3DFC0C"><p>A guide risk assessment can be found on this page in the <strong>Teaching Resources section</strong>.<br></p></div>

Teaching resources

Risk assessment reference guide

Take a look through our risk assessment reference guide for group visits to Tropical World.

Risk assessment guide


Access to a range of worksheets will be shared with all groups in your confirmation email.


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