Risk assessment reference guide for group visits

Health and safety guidelines for Tropical World

This is our generic risk assessment guide for visitors to Tropical World.

  • It is the responsibility of a group representative to carry out specific risk assessments for their organised visit.
  • To help groups complete a risk assessment we offer a free preliminary visit for staff organising a visit.
  • The group representative is responsible for group conduct.
  • Tropical World staff will intervene if the behaviour of the group is disruptive.
  • The visitor route is inspected daily and remedial action is taken immediately if a problem occurs.
  • We advise students are made aware by the group leader of slipping and tripping hazards associated with the natural environment.
  • We advise visitors not to touch the animals or pick up feathers for hygiene and safety reasons.

Fire procedure

  • In the event of a fire the fire alarm will sound.
  • Visitors and staff must make their way out of the nearest fire exit. Staff will guide you where needed.
  • Please assist them by keeping your group calm and orderly.
  • You are responsible for keeping your group together and for a head count once outside the building.
  • If a person is missing please notify a member of staff who will organise a search.
  • Marked fire extinguishers are present in all buildings. Regular fire inspections are made in line with Health and Safety Regulations.

Accident procedure and first aid

  • You should bring first aiders and equipment with you on your visit to administer first aid to your students.
  • However, if you do require first aid assistance and equipment, please contact any member of staff.
  • Our staff are here to help you. For serious incidents, staff members will call an ambulance.
  • We are obliged under Health and Safety law to ensure an incident form is completed.
  • As part of Leeds City Council's policy required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Zoo Licensing Act 1981, risk assessments are carried out regarding animal enclosures, working areas and public areas. Individual jobs have also been assessed.
  • The presence of visitors on site is included by Leeds City Council Public Liability Insurance.
  • Group leaders are expected to supervise and accompany children when on site.

Lost child procedure

  • In the first instance, lost children should be reported to the admission desk at Tropical World.
  • Staff will contact senior staff members via radio contact and a full search of the premises will begin.
  • Whilst staff are searching, we require the responsible adult to complete a Lost Child Description Form which can be circulated to staff and police if required.
  • If the child is not found within Tropical World's complex, staff will initiate the Park Lost Child Procedure and contact the Police for assistance.

Nut allergies (or other allergies)

Note that some of our animals are fed nuts as part of their diet and some food dishes are in the open-plan exhibits. Therefore we are not a nut-free attraction. Please bear this in mind when bringing anyone who has a nut allergy, or any other allergy.

Animal welfare

  • Do not allow your group to bang or tap the glass enclosures as this upsets the animals.
  • Do not feed the animals or touch any of their food/dishes provided by the zoo keepers.
  • Within Tropical World there are a number of animals at liberty, although tame, we ask you not to disturb the animals in any way.
  • Do not use flash photography whilst inside Tropical World.


  • Tropical World has barriers to keep visitors from harm. Please do not allow children to lean, swing or climb on them.
  • These barriers sometimes are around open water. Children should be supervised at all times.

High temperatures and humidity

  • If the conditions within Tropical World become a problem, contact the nearest member of staff for assistance or leave via the nearest exit.

Covid-19 and zoonotic diseases

  • Protective measures are in place and government guidance is followed.
  • Hand washing facilities are available on site.