Tropical World Events

Zookeeper with Meerkat on his shoulder

More to explore this summer 22 July – 1 September

Discover your inner explorer this summer and embark on an adventure through the rainforest, desert and other habitats, meeting our exciting animals along the way.

Find out fun facts from our animal keepers, complete the little explorer trail and don’t forget to the make the most of your visit and hop over the road to the stunning Roundhay Park, where you’ll find 700 acres of rolling parkland, lakes and woodland to enjoy, as well as two children’s play areas.

Over the summer holidays, we have various themed activities taking place:

Week 1 (22 – 28 July) Butterfly Week

Explore our beautiful butterfly house and complete the butterfly trail. Kids can also take part in butterfly themed crafts in the party room.

Week 2 (29 July – 4 August) Blue Planet Week

Adventure into the deep and learn fascinating facts about some of our amazing aquatic animals in the aquarium (keeper talks at 10:30am and 1:30pm)

Week 3 (5 – 11 August) Big Bug Bonanza Week

Head over to the Creature Corner for interesting talks about some of our tiniest creatures at Tropical World (keeper talks at 11am and 3pm).

Week 4 and 5 (12 – 25 August) Green Planet Fortnight

Help the kids discover their inner explorer as they complete our ‘Little Explorers’ trail. If completed correctly they will receive a special badge.

Week 6 (26 August – 1 September) Explore the Desert Week

Meet our meerkat mob and friends as you learn about inhabitants in our Desert House enclosure (keeper talks at 11:30am and 2:30pm).